PARFUME: Gas-Cooled Reactor Fuel Performance Assessment

PARticle FUel ModEl (PARFUME)
Technology No. CW-19-05
PARFUME is a gas-cooled reactor fuel performance modeling and analysis code that evaluates the behavior of fuel particles during irradiation and accident conditions to determine their failure probability. The code accounts for variations in physical dimensions and material properties, calculates the diffusion of fission products, and determines the release of fission products at the fuel element level. The customer base for PARFUME includes High-Temperature Reactor developers and fuel suppliers who require a fuel performance code for TRISO fuel. The customer problem needing solving has an economic and societal impact as there is a need for reliable fuel performance analysis in the operation of high-temperature reactors.

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    Hans Gougar
    William Skerjanc
    Gregory Miller
    John Maki
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