FROG: Advancing Nuclear Fusion Research with Precision Neutron Generation Simulation

FROG empowers researchers and engineers with a powerful tool to simulate and design fission-to-fusion neutron converters, enhancing nuclear research capabilities with high-energy neutron flux predictions.
Technology No. CW-24-14

FROG, the Fusion neutron Generator, is an innovative code developed to simulate high-energy neutron yields from fission-fusion reactions, utilizing the Geant4 toolkit to facilitate the design of devices that generate fusion reactor-like neutron spectra within thermal fission reactors.

As the quest for sustainable and efficient energy sources intensifies, fusion technology emerges as a pivotal area of research. Traditional neutron generators fail to produce the high-energy flux required for advanced nuclear research and material testing. FROG addresses this gap by providing a sophisticated simulation environment for the development of neutron converters that bridge thermal and fusion neutron energies, crucial for experimental and material research in nuclear physics.

Built upon the Geant4 particle transport Monte Carlo toolkit, FROG enables users to design and simulate neutron converter devices, specifically tailored for integration within nuclear fission reactors. This tool models the complex interactions leading to high-energy (14 MeV) neutron production through a two-step fission-fusion process involving tritons from Lithium 6 or Helium 3 and deuterium. By allowing for customizable device geometries and materials, FROG serves as an invaluable resource for creating neutron spectra analogous to those found in fusion reactors, thereby supporting a wide range of nuclear research applications.


  • High-Energy Neutron Simulation: Accurately predicts the yield of 14 MeV neutrons, surpassing the capabilities of conventional neutron generators.
  • Customizable Device Design: Offers flexibility in designing the geometry and materials of the neutron converter, accommodating various research needs.
  • Comprehensive Output Data: Generates detailed predictions of neutron flux, fluence, and spectrum, enabling precise experimental planning.
  • Geant4 Integration: Leverages the robust, open-source Geant4 toolkit for reliable particle transport and reaction simulations.


  • Nuclear Research Institutions: For designing converters to study materials under fusion-like neutron irradiation.
  • Material Testing Facilities: To simulate and assess the effects of high-energy neutrons on various materials.
  • Universities and Educational Laboratories: For educational purposes, allowing students to engage with cutting-edge nuclear physics simulations.
  • International Nuclear Research Collaborations: Supporting global efforts in advancing fusion technology and related materials science.

Unlock the potential of high-energy neutron research and material testing with FROG. Explore the frontier of nuclear fusion technology by leveraging this sophisticated simulation tool, designed to guide the development of innovative neutron converters for the nuclear research community. 

This software is open source and available at no cost. Download now by visiting the product's GitHub page.

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