Hydrogen Uprate Production Tool: Financial Analysis for Hydrogen Production via Nuclear Power Uprates

The Hydrogen Uprate Production Tool (HUPT) empowers utilities with nuclear power plants to evaluate the financial viability of leveraging power uprates for hydrogen production, integrating unique tax benefits and operational considerations.
Technology No. CW-23-30

In the quest to explore sustainable energy sources, utilities with nuclear power plants are considering the innovative option of hydrogen production. The Hydrogen Uprate Production Tool (HUPT) emerges as a critical asset, offering a comprehensive analysis to gauge the economic feasibility of this venture.

Traditionally, utilities have focused solely on electricity generation. However, the evolving energy landscape and the push towards clean energy sources have driven the exploration of hydrogen production. The challenge lies in navigating the unfamiliar territory of financial viability, particularly in integrating the benefits of recent legislative incentives like the Inflation Reduction Act.

HUPT is an Excel-based tool designed to provide utilities a preliminary financial analysis regarding the potential for hydrogen production following power uprates at nuclear facilities. It simplifies the complexity of financial projections by requiring inputs such as financing balance, energy prices, and specific costs related to hydrogen facility construction and operation. The tool then calculates either the internal rate of return or the levelized cost of hydrogen to assist in decision-making.


  • Tax Benefit Integration: Incorporates tax incentives from legislation, providing a more accurate financial picture.
  • Customized Inputs for Uprates: Unique in accounting for power plant uprating costs and operational adjustments.
  • Versatility in Analysis: Offers both a simplified and a detailed model to accommodate varying levels of input detail.
  • Decision Support: Helps utilities determine the preliminary financial viability of hydrogen production, guiding further investigation.


  • Energy Sector Professionals: For utilities exploring diversification into hydrogen production.
  • Financial Analysts in Utilities: To evaluate the economic impact of power plant uprates on hydrogen production.
  • Sustainability Officers: To assess the contribution of hydrogen production towards clean energy goals.

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