AspenPlus: Comprehensive MSW Sorting and Cost Estimation

AspenPlus model for MSW sorting process
Technology No. CW-21-41
AspenPlus aims to solve a common challenge facing most material recovery facilities (MRF) to identify the costs of sorting municipal solid wastes (MSW) into different product streams that would be suitable for inclusion in potential low-cost feedstock blends. The MRF market is continuously developing, and the total market size was estimated at $6.6b as of 2019. The solution for this project is software that uses unit operations such as shredding, magnets, screening, air classification, eddy current, and near-infrared detection to sort MSW into different sub-products. The software uses the MIXCINC module within Aspen Plus to handle mixed solid streams containing inert and nonconventional materials. This software used the Peng-Robinson equation of state with Boston-Mathias modifications to predict properties for a nonconventional solids mix. The advantage of this solution is a more accurate estimate of capital and operation costs to build an MRF.

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