AUDIT: TRISO Fuel Kernel Inspection and Defect Detection

Automated Defect Identification for TRISO fuels (AUDIT)
Technology No. CW-22-09
AUDIT is used to identify manufacturing defects in nuclear fuel kernels using image processing methods. The code analyzes micrographs of TRi-structural ISOtropic particle (TRISO) fuel kernels. It outputs a count of whole kernels in the sample, a count of defective particles, and processed images for more effective manual inspection. This will help identify defective kernels in a fuel batch and quantify the countable fissure fraction. The code is intended for use by fuel manufacturers, specifically BWXT, to automate the inspection process and meet commercial scale demands, and can be extended to detect other types of defects. The code is a customized solution tailored to the nuclear industry, providing a unique advantage over commercial image-processing software.

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    Joe Oncken
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