CellSage Kinetics: Battery Life Cycle Monitoring

CellSage-Kinetics: Advanced battery management software for monitoring and improving battery performance and longevity in various applications like electric vehicles and consumer electronics.
Technology No. CW-10-10
INL's CellSage modeling approach offers a sophisticated method to measure, monitor, and manage complex battery systems. By generating key performance metrics, it provides a deeper understanding of battery longevity. This model helps improve battery technology by identifying failure sources and serves as a platform for implementing enhanced embedded diagnostics and dynamic monitoring in specific applications. Applying CellSage to targeted battery chemistries reduces costly warranty claims, shortens development timelines, and optimizes battery life by matching usage conditions. It is valuable for organizations involved in battery development or the design of electronic devices where battery performance is crucial, such as the military, space industry, medicine, electric utilities, telecommunications, select consumer electronics, and electric vehicles.

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