EFAC: Infrastructure Analysis for Enhanced Disaster Resilience

Essential Function Analysis Capability (EFAC)
Technology No. CW-22-17
The Essential Function Analysis Capability (EFAC) tool helps critical infrastructure entities discover and decide about their infrastructure systems and essential functions. EFAC is an extension of the All Hazards Knowledge Framework (AHA), and it stores and models infrastructure systems as linked multigraphs, providing an intuitive and natural representation. It allows for rapid evaluation and understanding of the potential consequences of artificial and natural disasters on these infrastructure systems and essential functions. EFAC's target customers are organizations with complex infrastructure data and interdependent essential functions. Companies like the All-Hazards Consortium would be interested in commercial licensing as their current market environment deals with the resiliency and risk mitigation efforts of private businesses and government entities. EFAC's advantage over alternatives is its ability to gather and model infrastructure and its many vectors of disruption, providing access to these analysis products at a lower barrier of entry. Additionally, it is dynamic, stays updated with its dynamic models, changes log tracking and asset information data sourcing, and can simulate well over 20,000 infrastructure assets and their dependencies.

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    Michael Hoover
    Kent McGillivary
    Kenneth Larsen
    Ryan Hruska
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