Food and Agricultural Supply Chain (FASC) model

An agent-based multi-echelon supply chain simulation for analyzing climate change impacts, supply chain resilience, and dynamic substitution effects in agriculture.
Technology No. CW-22-47

The Food and Agricultural Supply Chain (FASC) model is a multi-echelon supply chain simulation model using an agent-based modeling (ABM) approach. There are five types of agents—farmers, shippers, processors, retailers, and logistics companies. This model, built in AnyLogic Professional 8.7, allows users to gain insights into three key areas. First, they can analyze the heterogeneous impact of climate change on various agents along the supply chain, which is the basis for developing risk management strategies. Second, they can conduct sensitivity analysis to understand non-linear relationships between disruptions and impacts, enabling future research to set thresholds for SC resilience. Finally, they can evaluate substitution effects during disruption events dynamically to reveal price hike impact of one commodity on another.

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    Ruby Nguyen
    Yuan-Yuan Lee
    Mamunur Rahman
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