Griffin: Reactor Multiphysics Application

A finite element-based tool for coupled neutronics calculations in various reactor types, integrating with MOOSE-based thermal-fluids and fuel performance applications.
Technology No. CW-20-14

Griffin is a finite element-based reactor multiphysics application. It is suitable for steady state and time-dependent coupled neutronics calculations leveraging the various MOOSE-based thermal-fluids applications (Pronghorn, Relap-7, SAM, Sockeye, etc.) and fuel performance application (BISON). Griffin solves the linearized Boltzmann transport equation in 1D, 2D, and 3D heterogeneous and homogeneous geometries. It has been used in the analysis of pebble bed reactors (PBRs, PB-FHR), prismatic reactors (PMRs), molten-salt reactors (MSR), fast sodium-cooled reactors (FSR), microreactors, nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP), and several experimental facilities.

This software is a controlled nuclear code, subject to a special release process due to its sensitive nature. To request access, please visit the Nuclear Computational Resource Center and create an account.

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    Idaho National Laboratory
    Argonne National Laboratory
    Mark Dehart
    Javier Ortensi
    Yaqi Wang
    Vincent Laboure
    Zachary Prince
    Jackson Harter
    Sebastian Schunert
    Olin Calvin
    Chang Lee
    Emily Shemon
    Yeon Jung
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