HFVT: Optimizing Hydropower for Revenue and Environmental Demands

Hydropower Flexibility Valuation Tool
Technology No. CW-22-45
The timing of generation is becoming more and more valuable. This creates greater potential tension between environmental and power system objectives since both systems require their flow patterns. Identifying win-win outcomes in this context requires being able to discuss the value of flexibility across stakeholder groups. The Hydropower Flexibility Valuation Tool (HFVT) includes a two-stage optimization method to understand hydropower flexibility to meet environmental and power system requirements. The aim of this tool is to maximize the revenue from market participation after satisfying flow requirements. 

GitHub repository: https://github.com/IdahoLabResearch/HFVT
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    Mohammad Roni
    Binghui Li
    Mucun Sun
    Jianqiao Huang
    William Balliet
    Venkat Durvasulu
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