IMDSE: Simplifying Modernization Planning for Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Modernization Decision Support Engine (IMDSE)
Technology No. CW-21-25
The Irrigation Modernization Decision Support Engine is a software tool to help irrigation district managers plan and quantify system modernization projects. The tool simplifies the planning process by reducing the time and financial commitment required in the initial stages of a modernization project. It allows users to build different scenarios to estimate the potential and costs of a project and enables easy sharing between stakeholders for increased communication and understanding. The primary customers for the tool are irrigation district managers, but it can also be used by state and federal policymakers, municipalities, and non-governmental organizations. The tool addresses the need to modernize aging irrigation systems in the western United States to meet increasing demands and changing policies.

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    Shiloh Elliott
    Bhaskar Mitra
    John Koudelka
    Cleve Davis
    Charles Elverson
    Thomas Mosier
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