Ingest: Streamlining Data Uploads with Integrated Metadata for Enhanced Data Management

Ingest simplifies data collection and organization by offering a web platform for seamless uploads with essential metadata, enhancing project management and data analysis efficiency.
Technology No. CW-24-15

Ingest is a cutting-edge web application designed for data scientists and project managers, facilitating the straightforward collection of data uploads and associated metadata to streamline project workflows and data analysis processes.

Efficient data management is a cornerstone of successful research and project execution, particularly when it involves collecting vast amounts of data from various contributors. The challenge of ensuring not only the collection of data but also its relevant metadata for context has led to the development of Ingest. This solution is part of Project Alexandria, aiming to revolutionize data management across multiple laboratories.

Developed using Elixir/Phoenix, Ingest is a web-based platform that revolutionizes how project owners collect and organize data. It allows users to upload their data and requires them to provide metadata, ensuring a richer context for each dataset. Ingest stands out by integrating with DeepLynx, offering unparalleled data organization and access capabilities. This application addresses a critical need in the realm of data management, distinguishing itself as a unique solution in the marketplace.


  • Metadata Integration: Enforces the inclusion of metadata with data uploads, enhancing data quality and usability.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Designed with a focus on ease of use, allowing for efficient data and metadata submission.
  • DeepLynx Integration: Offers seamless connectivity with DeepLynx for advanced data organization and retrieval.
  • Supports Project Alexandria: A vital component of a multi-lab data management platform, ensuring broad applicability and utility across research institutions.


  • Data Scientists: For collecting structured datasets with comprehensive metadata for analysis.
  • Project Managers: Facilitate the easy submission of project-related data by team members or external contributors.
  • Research Institutions: Implement as part of Project Alexandria for centralized data management across labs.
  • Collaborative Projects: Ideal for projects requiring data contribution from various sources with standardized metadata.

Leverage the power of Ingest for your data collection needs to ensure that every piece of data is accompanied by meaningful metadata, thereby maximizing your project’s potential.

This software is open source and available at no cost. Download now by visiting the product's GitHub page.

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