LEAF: Landscape Environmental Assessment Framework

A framework predicting crop yields, soil, and nutrient loss, integrating models like RUSLE2 and WEPS for informed crop management decisions.
Technology No. CW-16-15
LEAF Version 2.0 is a framework that consists of three models: RUSLE2, WEPS, and AGNPS. It predicts yields for row crops, crop residues, and energy crops at a sub-field level based on soil, climate, crop management, and residue harvesting practices. Additionally, it estimates soil, carbon, and nutrient loss to the atmosphere, groundwater, and runoff. The framework also models water flow and the transport of sediments, nutrients, and chemicals, providing estimates of sediment, nutrient, and chemical loadings to water bodies in a watershed. The AGNPS model and wash-off calculations are new additions to this version of LEAF. Developed with support from DOE's BETO program, LEAF is an Integrated Landscape Management tool that helps crop producers improve profitability by making informed choices about land and crop management practices, including growing a combination of row and energy crops and harvesting row crop residues. The individual models within LEAF are public domain models developed and maintained by government agencies.
GitHub repository: https://github.com/IdahoLabCuttingBoard/LEAF
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    Shyam Nair
    Damon Hartley
    Ross Hays
    Tessica Gardner
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