LSA: Linux System Administration

Collection of scripts for common administrative tasks and automation, including LDAP, Nagios, and Ansible support.
Technology No. CW-18-09
Collection of Linux scripts and libraries for common administration tasks and automation. Includes scripts for LDAP, nagios, ansible, automatic emailing, license managers, and supporting functions. Software automates tasks like account and user creation, and can send emails and update log files for user account changes. The software package includes the following directories:
  • ansible: Two playbooks to update CentOS and Ubuntu servers and reboot them if needed. Also includes a role for automating user LDAP authentication setup for Linux servers.
  • doc: Text files with general "how-to" instructions for configuring and running commands, scripts, and software.
  • env: Startup files for server setup and configuration files for user environment.
  • FileWatch: Scripts to monitor changes to system configuration files. Reports changes to the MD5 sum of any file added to a configuration file for a server. Prompts for a check-in with a description of the changes.
  • LDAP: Library of methods for user management with LDAP on a Linux system. Includes a script directory with scripts for automating user management tasks like adding/removing users, resetting passwords, and unlocking accounts.
  • license_manager: Scripts for parsing FlexLM license manager output. Reports license usage, expiration dates, and status of license servers.
  • nagios: Routines to parse script output and feed it to Nagios infrastructure monitoring systems.
  • RoboMail: Routines for automating email sending. Used to send predefined emails to users when their accounts are created.
  • support: General support scripts for creating password hashes and running commands on servers in parallel.

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