MALAMUTE: Simulation Code for Advanced Manufacturing Processes

MOOSE Application Library for Advanced Manufacturing UTilitiEs (MALAMUTE)
Technology No. CW-21-30
The MOOSE Application Library for Advanced Manufacturing UTilitiEs, or MALAMUTE, is a simulation code that combines MOOSE module functionality with realistic materials and geometries for various advanced manufacturing processes such as laser melting, welding, and electric-field assisted sintering. Leveraging the existing MOOSE module, MOOSE framework, libMesh, and PETSc capabilities, MALAMUTE provides users with a head start on tackling advanced manufacturing modeling and simulation. MOOSE and its upstream libraries already contain sophisticated capabilities, such as mechanical contact, heat transport, phase field, level set, electromagnetics, ALE, solid mechanics, and fluid mechanics. MALAMUTE adds realistic material models and geometries to this robust platform, making it a unique starting point for physics capabilities based on finite element, finite volume, and nonlinear solver technology.

This software is open source and available at no cost. Download now by visiting the product's GitHub page.

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    Alexander Lindsay
    Wen Jiang
    Stephanie Pitts
    Larry Aagesen
    Casey Icenhour
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