MaSTI: Network Monitoring for Enhanced Control System Protection

Master State Threat Identifier (MaSTI)
Technology No. CW-22-21
The MSE cyber sensor (MaSTI) provides a novel approach for scalable network monitoring using heterogeneous computing. The customer is cybersecurity vendors that need an affordable and easy-to-configure approach to monitor communications in control system networks. Current approaches have considerable computational requirements and require significant customized configuration. The MSE cyber sensor solution uses distributed, low-footprint hardware devices for on-site packet data capture and analysis. It does not require a cybersecurity professional to set rules or constantly update the monitoring system.

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    Idaho National Laboratory
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Pierce Russell
    John Bell
    Dylan Reen
    Daniel Marino Lizarazo
    Chathurika Wickramasinghe
    Milos Manic
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