OMDD: Last-Mile Delivery Optimization with Drone Deployment

Optimization Models for Drone Deployment (OMDD)
Technology No. CW-22-24
OMDD is for industries looking to improve last-mile delivery using drones. This software tool optimizes drone deployment for direct delivery by introducing a new mixed-integer programming model that addresses real-life issues such as time windows and battery replacements. The tool provides insights into how drones may be deployed, how different delivery methods impact their use, the energy impacts of other conditions, and how to optimize for cost and benefit. It analyzes the effects of drone speed and package weight on the delivery range, energy consumption, number of drones, and battery replacements. It also provides optimal decisions under business, operational, and technical constraints to understand the optimal drone deployment method. This is useful for making economic decisions before incorporating drones in last-mile delivery.

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    Mohammad Roni
    Tanveer Bhuiyan
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