OpDefender: Real-Time Network Traffic Analysis

A cybersecurity solution for control system networks, featuring smart switches and a network HMI for real-time attack prevention and network traffic control.
Technology No. CW-21-33
OpDefender is a new system designed to enhance the cyber security of control system networks by inspecting each network packet using a novel, patent-pending method that extends software-defined networking into the application/ICS protocol layer. It consists of two key components: 1) Smart, “ICS-aware” network switches that analyze and filter network traffic in real-time. 2) A network management human-machine interface (HMI) allows an operator to monitor and control network traffic in real-time. The target customer is critical infrastructure asset owners who need to maintain the cyber security of the associated industrial control system. The addressed problem is the difficulty in stopping every way that an attacker might attack a system. The solution is a system that starts with the premise that no device on the network can be trusted and operates under safe listing rules. It reduces the attack surface by at least 90% in most cases and can prevent cyber attacks in real-time. The advantage of this solution over alternatives is that it is a distributed system that can protect every node in the network. No other product can prevent cyber attacks in real-time like this one.

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    Briam Johnson
    Michael McCarty
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