Parsnip Parser Creation Application:

Parsnip aims to automate 90% of the repetitive tasks involved in parser development
Technology No. CW-23-54

Network security relies on monitoring data sent across the network. Zeek converts this data into a human-readable format using protocol parsers. Parsnip automates parts of the parser development process, reducing the time and expertise required. It consists of three parts: a front-end user experience, an intermediate language, and a backend.

The front-end provides a graphical representation of the intermediate language, which can be translated into the intermediate language by Parsnip. Advanced users can generate their own intermediate language files. The backend generates Zeek and Spicy code from the intermediate language files.

Parsnip aims to automate 90% of the repetitive tasks involved in parser development. While it may not cover all PDU types or parse all data, it will compile a functioning parser. It is expected to be used by parser development teams, engagement teams, and industrial control systems companies and standards bodies.

Parsnip offers a graphical user interface and reduces repetition in parser development. Users can define structures once and handle repetition with Parsnip.

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    Timothy Huddleston
    Melanie Pierce
    Christopher Becker
    Taegan Williams
    Seth Grover
    Payton Harmon
    David Hudson
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