ReGEAR: AR Gesture Recognition for Nuclear Facilities

Real-time gesture/action recognition software
Technology No. CW-18-16
The software ReGEAR performs real-time analysis of gestures and actions in video streams using a 3D Convolutional Deep Neural Network (3D CNN) model. It is written in Python using open-source image processing libraries and Tensorflow, a deep learning API by Google, for the 3D CNN model. It is easy to extend and recognize new gestures without changing the code. The training can be performed on Hoodoo cluster which is a Lambda Hyperplane deep learning distributed memory system of INL HPC system, and the software can run on a personal laptop with low computing power. The software is aimed to be integrated with augmented reality wearable devices for monitoring and assisting the field activities in the nuclear facilities where the field workers must follow the work procedures.

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    SuJong Yoon
    Jeffrey Aquiar
    Mattew Gong
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