RELAP-7: Next-Generation Nuclear Safety Code

An advanced tool for nuclear systems safety analysis, featuring improved models and numerical methods for Risk Informed Safety Margin Characterization.
Technology No. CW-16-05

A next generation nuclear systems safety code, RELAP-7 takes advantage of advances in computer architecture, software design, numerical methods, and physical models for use in the Risk Informed Safety Margin Characterization (RISMC) methodology and in nuclear power plant (NPP) safety analysis. RELAP-7 is a more capable than its predecessors in the RELAP family due to better flow models, improved numerical approximations, the ability to handle long duration events like full life cycle fuel evaluations, and easy coupling to other simulation code.

This software is a controlled nuclear code, subject to a special release process due to its sensitive nature. To request access, please visit the Nuclear Computational Resource Center and create an account.

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    Idaho National Laboratory
    Richard Martineau
    David Andrs
    Ray Berry
    Hongbin Zhang
    Ling Zou
    Haihua Zhao
    John Peterson
    Cody Permann
    Derek Gaston
    Frederick Gleicher
    Javier Ortensi
    Joshua Hansel
    Andrew Franklin
    Robert Carlson
    Lise Charlot
    Russell Johns
    Marc Delchini
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