RTD Analysis: Tracer-Based Geothermal Reservoir Monitoring

Analysis of Thermally Reactive Tracer Tests in Geothermal Reservoirs (RTD Analysis)
Technology No. CW-19-06
RTD Analysis provides a software tool for monitoring the thermal state of geothermal reservoirs. The software includes tools for tracer test planning, tracer selection, and tracer test result analysis. The target customer for the software is geothermal service companies and operators who need accurate and timely information about the evolution of reservoir heat distribution. The problem being solved is the need for a complete software package for monitoring geothermal reservoir temperature using reactive tracers, which has limited the widespread application of the method. The proposed software package is designed to simplify the tracer monitoring process and demonstrate its utility. The software has an advantage over alternatives by offering a graphical view of tracer alternatives and emphasizing temperature change detection in analysis.

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    Mitchell Plummer
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