Saleae Logic 2 Output File Parser (SLOP)

A Python script that transforms complex Saleae Logic 2 data into accessible data sets, filling an unmet need for engineers, researchers, and hobbyists.
Technology No. CW-23-18

The Saleae Logic 2 Output File Parser (SLOP) is a Python script engineered to transform large, unwieldy Saleae Logic 2 output files into clean, manageable data sets. This invaluable tool is designed for professionals like engineers and researchers, as well as cyber researchers and electronic hobbyists. Users can effectively extract and understand specific hardware protocols captured by Saleae logic analyzers. Distinctively, SLOP offers unparalleled versatility in parsing capabilities, filling a gap not addressed by other public solutions.

This software is open source and available at no cost. Download now by visiting the product's GitHub page.

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    Justin Cox
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