Storm DEPART: Damage Prediction and Resource Optimization for Utilities

A planning tool for predicting damage to infrastructure from storms, optimizing recovery operations for utilities with detailed damage and resource allocation models.
Technology No. CW-22-27
The damage prediction, materials needed, and resource allocation modeling capability (Storm DEPART) is a tool that supports pre-incident planning and preparation by predicting damage to power generation capacity, transmission grids, distribution networks, and communications assets. It uses factors such as wind bands, storm surge, flooding forecasts, and available Participants' infrastructure data like construction type, age, location, wind rating, etc., to report predicted damages. Based on the expected damages, the output will be a bill of materials (BOM) to support short-term recovery operations. The tool is intended for use by Electric utilities like Entergy Corporation to optimize restoration costs and time by understanding the extent of potential damage, what supplies may be required, the quantity of worker and oversight resources, and lodging constraints. The tool uses inputs like configuration defaults regarding worker-to-oversight ratios, arrival schedules, asset inventory for distribution, transmission, power generation, and IT/communications, and outputs include predicted damage by company, region, and network, detailed list of expected damages, resource needs by the network, and arrival schedule with lodging constraints.

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