Vendor 0: FPE Library for Structured File Encryption

Encryption library for structured files like JSON, addressing the need for secure data handling in sensitive utility information management.
Technology No. CW-19-16
Vendor 0 is a format-preserving Feistel-based encryption library that encrypts and decrypts text fields in structured files such as JSON and TSV. The primary customer is the DOE CYOTE program, which collects and processes sensitive utility information that may contain PII, such as network pcaps and device logs. The software addresses the need to encrypt this sensitive information without increasing the storage requirements and allowing for decryption in cases necessary for analysis. The software was created specifically for this problem and is a standalone solution not contained in a more extensive product. DOE will use the script at individual energy utilities and the government cloud to anonymize sensitive data fields.

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    Lawrence Wellman
    Justin Cox
    Porter Zohner
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