VizEng: Visualization for Control Room Collaboration & Grid Stability

Data presentation and display system for information generated by a plant information management system
Technology No. CW-21-43
VisEng is a data presentation and display system that allows multiple levels of drill-down from a high-level system management interface to technical implementation details of the existing system. It is directed at presenting information generated by a plant information management system. It is meant to bridge the role-based knowledge gap and give all operation room workers understandable and actionable complete state awareness. The goal of this software is to have it adopted by utilities that require the different aspects of their operation to be leveraged by other roles to maximize effectiveness. It aims to solve problems with control room intercommunication, which can lead to miscommunication and less reliable and resilient electric grid operation. The key features and functions include the ability to see the aggregation of resources, which minimizes information processing overhead done by the individual. The team needs partners willing to integrate this visualization into their system entirely. More development is required to match the system's technical capabilities to the utility's use case. The advantage of this system is that it takes the overall resilience, as well as the cyber and physical state of the system, into account when presenting it to a control room operator, which allows cutting-edge resilience-based analysis methodology to aid the stability of the overall design. If successfully adopted, it will lead to an increase in grid reliability and efficient operation.

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    Jacob Lehmer
    Tyler Phillips
    Ruixuan Li
    Timothy McJunkin
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