WADeG: Advanced Remote Surveillance through Smartphone Image Capture

WADeG: Wide Area Detection Grid
Technology No. CW-10-16

The WADeG Cell Phone software is an innovative application tailored for users seeking remote monitoring or surveillance capabilities. It effectively utilizes a smartphone's CMOS camera to capture images, securely stores them, and transmits them periodically to a server via cellular networks. The software includes multiple modules like CamTest.cpp, CamStarter.cpp, StreamIOHandler.cpp, and covertSmartDevice.cpp, with a user-friendly interface, CamStarter, that provides seamless control of the camera system, facilitating initiation and termination of the camera application and file transfer to the server. Additionally, the software is equipped to analyze captured images for specific conditions and retains them in a unique BMP format on the smartphone. Overall, WADeG offers a proficient solution for image capture, storage, and transmission across various applications.

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    Joshua Cogliati
    Kurt Derr
    Steven McCown
    Jonathan Chugg
    Shane Hansen
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