@DisCo: Binary-Level Vulnerability Detection

Annotated Translated Disassembled Code (@DisCo)

5GAD-2022: 5G Network Traffic Dataset for Machine Learning

A dataset containing simulated normal and attack 5G network traffic, designed for benchmarking machine learning tools in attack detection.

Access capabilities through CCS communications protocol (AcCCS)

AcCCS is a collection of tools and scripts that emulate Electric Vehicle Communication Controllers (EVCC) and Supply Equipment Communication Controllers (SECC)

ACORN: Autonomous Controls fOr Reactor techNologies

Autonomous control system for microreactors

ADAPT: Frequency-Based Monitoring for Industrial Process Control

Acoustic Data Analytics for Predictive Technologies (ADAPT)

Adaptive Coal-to-Liquids Process Modeling and Simulation

Coal-to-Liquids Process Model

ADREM: Analytical Data Processing Excel Macro

An excel macro package for summarizing large sets of elemental and isotopic analytical data, ideal for laboratories requiring efficient data manipulation and presentation.

AEM: Molecular-Based Battery Electrolyte Optimization and Analysis

Advanced Electrolyte Model, ver. 2.0 (AEM-2.0)  Next Generation Electrolyte Model, ver. 2.0 (NGEM-2.0)

AeroDynamics: Integrated Air Property Analysis Software

A library of numerous properties of air that uses the interfaces defined in MOOSE's fluid properties module

AHA: Infrastructure Decision Support for Disaster Management

All Hazards Analysis Core (AHA)

ALARM: Automated Latent Anomaly Recognition Method

ALARM (Automated Latent Anomaly Recognition Method)

AOCCD: Advanced Outage Management & Performance Visualization

Advanced Outage Control Center Dashboard (AOCCD)

Apollo: Tracking and Identifying Changes in Workflows

Workflow tracking and change identification tool for nuclear and industrial settings, offering image analysis and comparison features for enhanced monitoring.

AquaPV Toolset: Revolutionizing Floating PV Deployment in the US

A comprehensive application for deploying Floating Photovoltaic systems in the US, offering environmental and economic assessments, regulatory insights, and a geospatial resource tool, aimed at policymakers, developers, and utilities.

AspenPlus: Comprehensive MSW Sorting and Cost Estimation

AspenPlus model for MSW sorting process

ATIS: Malware Analysis and STIX Data Transformation

Any Threat Intelligence to STIX (ATIS)

ATTAR: Remote Testing Framework for Security Analysis and Protection

A remote testing and validation tool using SSH for automated software testing, particularly effective in cybersecurity applications

AUDIT: TRISO Fuel Kernel Inspection and Defect Detection

Automated Defect Identification for TRISO fuels (AUDIT)

BayCal: Bayesian Calibration for Simulation Models

Bayesian Model Calib (BayCal)

BIhNNs: Bayesian Inference with Hamiltonian Neural Networks

Efficient Bayesian inference with Hamiltonian neural networks (BIhNNs)

BinDrill: Visualization for Efficient Reverse Engineering Analysis

Binary Driller (BinDrill)

BISON: Nuclear Fuel Performance Code

A finite element-based tool for modeling various nuclear fuel forms, solving thermomechanics and species diffusion equations in complex geometries.

Blackbear: Structural Material Degradation Simulator

Simulates the degradation and response of structural materials like concrete and steel under environmental conditions and loading.

BPP: Targeted Bug Injection for Machine Learning and Education

A tool for generating random C programs with specific bugs, useful for training machine learning models and educational purposes in software bug detection.

Caldera Charge Grid: EV Charging Infrastructure Impact and Strategy Development

Caldera Charge Grid

Caldera Charge ICM: Vehicle and Supply Equipment Charging Library

Simulation platform for studying the impact of electric vehicle (EV) charging on power grids, using detailed charging models and intelligent algorithms.

CarbonDynamics: Precision Phase Property Software for CO2

Precision Phase Property Software for CO2

CAVEAT: Data Visualization for Control Room Decision-Making

Cyber Awareness Visualization and Event Action Tool (CAVEAT)

CDB: Coincidence Doppler Broadening Data Analyzer

A graphical user tool for rapid analysis of large data sets from coincidence Doppler broadening positron annihilation spectroscopy, enhancing productivity and data comparison.

CellSage Capacity: Battery Life Cycle Monitoring

CellSage-Capacity: Advanced battery management software for monitoring and improving battery performance and longevity in various applications like electric vehicles and consumer electronics.

CellSage Kinetics: Battery Life Cycle Monitoring

CellSage-Kinetics: Advanced battery management software for monitoring and improving battery performance and longevity in various applications like electric vehicles and consumer electronics.


Safety Instrumented System (SIS) for Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) Infrastructure - Analysis Software

CIACS: Analytical Instrument Tracking Software

Assists in tracking samples across different analytical instruments, simplifying data entry and position tracking for repeated analysis.

CIVET: Generic Software Build System

Generic build system for software projects

CMAT: E-Waste Recycling Optimization Software

Customizable software for optimizing e-waste recycling and refurbishment processes, focusing on logistics, economic performance, and environmental impacts.

CobaltREE: Sustainable EV Supply Chain Guide

Sustainable EV Supply Chain Guide

CoCuNi: Electric Vehicle Materials Market Simulator

Simulates market scenarios for cobalt, copper, and nickel, with a focus on electric vehicle and battery applications.

Common Information Model Profile for Dynamic Line Rating (CIM Profile for DLR)

Facilitates the integration of dynamic line ratings within utility software systems

CRA: Visualizing Data for Seamless Commercial Routing

Commercial Routing Assistance (CRA)

CropAIQ: AI Framework for Accurate Crop Yield Prediction

Framework for Spatial Agricultural Crop Yield Prediction Model Development (CropAIQ)

CSET: Cyber Security Evaluation Tool

A desktop or web-based tool guiding asset owners through evaluating control system and IT security practices against industry standards.

Cyber-CHAMP: Mapping Cyber Competencies for Training Employees

Cyber-CHAMP Task Analysis Survey

CyOTE: Detecting Cyber Attacks in Operational Technology Environments

CyOTE Research Tool Library (CRTL)

CyStAR: Cyber-Physical Threat Detection and Asset Monitoring

Cyber State Awareness for Resilience (CyStAR)

DACKAR: Empowering System Engineers with Model-Based Insights on Equipment Reliability

DACKAR leverages advanced analytics and model-based system engineering to transform equipment reliability data into actionable insights, enhancing system health assessments in complex engineering environments.

DAIRIEES: Dairy Farm Environmental Management System

An open-source tool for optimizing manure management in dairy farms, creating value-added products and mitigating environmental concerns.

DARE: Data Auditing for Reliability Evaluation

A Python library for evaluating the reliability of machine learning model predictions, analyzing training data relevance, and providing a reliability score, useful for ML-integrated control systems and real-time applications.

DaRT: Malicious Code Disassembly for Risk-Free Transport

DaRT (Disassembly and Reassembly for Transport)

Deep Lynx API Interaction Python Package

A Python package for interfacing with Deep Lynx's API suite, developed to support software in projects like Unattended Operation through Digital Twin Innovations.

Deep Lynx Machine Learning (ML) Adapter

Runs machine learning models programmatically as continuous data is received, allowing for data pre-processing, prediction analysis, and anomaly forecasting.

Deep Lynx MOOSE Adapter

Facilitates direct communication and data processing between DeepLynx and MOOSE simulations, enabling dynamic customization and integration.

Deep Lynx UNC Adapter for Isolated Networks

Enables communication between DeepLynx and isolated, unidirectional networks, particularly useful for scenarios like HPC environment integration.

DEEP LYNX: Digital Engineering Data Warehouse

An open-source data warehouse supporting digital engineering projects, storing data in a graph-like format for complex dataset analysis and AI/ML integration.

DeepLynx API Interaction JavaScript Package

A JavaScript package for accessing DeepLynx's API suite, usable in various applications including through the NPM repository.

DIAMOND: Nuclear Data Integration Model

A data model for standardizing and automating data handling in nuclear power plants, enhancing data sharing and cost-saving analysis.

Digital Twin Analytics SEARCH: Generating initial ML Results for an Unidentified Dataset

This package utilizes different components of SEARCH: store, explore, assess, reduce, confirm, and holistic to generate initial machine learning results for an unidentified data set.

DISCOverflow: Project Code Structure Visualization Tool

Automatically disassembles project code data into a graph database for efficient and secure code analysis.

DLDH: Deep Lynx Data Ingestion Adapter

A tool for integrating sensor and operation data into Deep Lynx, facilitating the development of digital twins and supporting multiphysics simulation and AI for anomaly detection and autonomous control.

DREEM: Dynamic Rare Earth Energy Model

An open-source model estimating rare earth element availability for wind turbine production, considering U.S. and Chinese markets and the impact on renewable energy goals.

EFAC: Infrastructure Analysis for Enhanced Disaster Resilience

Essential Function Analysis Capability (EFAC)

EMRALD-2: Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment Tool

A software for dynamic PRA research, simplifying modeling processes and providing an intuitive UI for complex interaction visualization and coupling with other simulation applications.

EMV: Exploit, Malware, and Vulnerability Scoring GUI

A customizable application that allows users to create and apply their own scoring schema to cyber issues, interfacing with STIX objects and supporting export functions.

ESE: Comprehensive STIX1-to-STIX2 Conversion Tool

Enhanced STIX Elevator (ESE)

FakeADFS: Dummy ADFS Implementation for Asp.Net Core Testing

A set of applications that simulate ADFS, removing restrictions during local development of Asp.Net Core applications for Linux or Docker environments without Windows Authentication.

Falcon: Geological Porous Material Simulation

Models fluid flow, heat transfer, and chemical reactions in geological porous materials, applicable in geothermal, carbon sequestration, and groundwater studies.

Finite-volume Compressible Navier Stokes (CNSFV) in MOOSE

Finite-volume implementation in MOOSE for solving compressible Navier-Stokes equations in computational fluid dynamics.

Food and Agricultural Supply Chain (FASC) model

An agent-based multi-echelon supply chain simulation for analyzing climate change impacts, supply chain resilience, and dynamic substitution effects in agriculture.

FORCE: Framework for Optimization of Resources and Economics Ecosystem

A comprehensive tool suite for the technical and economic evaluation of complex integrated energy systems, connecting various software tools for in-depth techno-economic analysis.

FROG: Advancing Nuclear Fusion Research with Precision Neutron Generation Simulation

FROG empowers researchers and engineers with a powerful tool to simulate and design fission-to-fusion neutron converters, enhancing nuclear research capabilities with high-energy neutron flux predictions.

FSD: Fire and Smoke Detection Models for Industrial Environments

Modelling Framework for Fire and Smoke Detection in Imagery

FSI: Fluid Strucure Interaction Module

A module for modeling interactions between fluid and deformable solids, applicable in various fields like grid-to-rod fretting and aircraft wing design.

GasED: Realistic Physics-Based Control of Gas Networks

Gas Emulation Demo (GasED)

GEM: Extensible Ontology for Domain-Specific Modeling and Taxonomy

General Entity Model (GEM)

GLASS: Real-Time Grid System Optimization

General Line Ampacity State Solver (GLASS V2)

Granular Flow Models: Constitutive Add-ons for ABAQUS

A set of user material subroutines for Abaqus to model granular flow physics with various established models.

Griffin: Reactor Multiphysics Application

A finite element-based tool for coupled neutronics calculations in various reactor types, integrating with MOOSE-based thermal-fluids and fuel performance applications.

GRIZZLY: Nuclear Plant System Degradation Modeling

Simulates degradation and performance of nuclear plant components, focusing on reactor pressure vessels and concrete structures.

GSI: Multi-Display Intermediary for High-Trust Research Environments

Generalized Simulator Intermediary

HEA: High Entropy Analysis Code

A code for quickly evaluating elemental properties to predict material properties like Young's Modulus, reducing the need for extensive simulations.

Heron: Electrical Grid Economic Viability Tool

Part of the FORCE framework, HERON evaluates the economic viability of electrical grids and integrated energy systems, focusing on uncertain market events.

HFVT: Optimizing Hydropower for Revenue and Environmental Demands

Hydropower Flexibility Valuation Tool

High Fidelity Modeling of a Type-5 Wind Turbine Drivetrain

The purpose of this code is to model a Type-5 wind turbine drivetrain for grid integration and transient stability studies.

HPCACT-2022: Video Annotation for Anomaly Detection in Data Centers

Anomalous and normal High Performance Computing datacenter activities

HTSE process model: High-Temperature Steam Electrolysis Modeling Tool

High Temperature Steam Electrolysis process model

HYBRID: Transient Process Models for Various Integrated Energy Systems

A collection of transient process models in Modelica for simulating the dynamics of various integrated energy systems and processes in a modular fashion.

Hydro + Storage Sizing: Optimize Battery Storage for Max Profits

A tool for hydropower plants to determine optimal battery storage size using machine learning to predict revenue based on generation and market data.

Hydrogen Uprate Production Tool: Financial Analysis for Hydrogen Production via Nuclear Power Uprates

The Hydrogen Uprate Production Tool (HUPT) empowers utilities with nuclear power plants to evaluate the financial viability of leveraging power uprates for hydrogen production, integrating unique tax benefits and operational considerations.

HydroGenerate: Python Tool Estimating Hydropower Generation Time-Series

An open-source Python library for estimating hydropower generation based on flow rate, integrating user inputs or USGS water data.

HyPAT: Hydrogen Permeation Analysis Toool

User-friendly software for analyzing hydrogen permeation and absorption, offering comparison with literature values for transport properties.

ICSD: Centralizing and Storing Data from ICS Modules

Industrial Control System Diagnostics (ICSD) Web Scraper

ICSNPP: Industrial Control System Network Protocol Parsers

A series of industrial control system protocol parsers developed by INL for the Zeek network security monitoring framework to enhance incident response capabilities.

IGCAPT: Intelligent Grid Communications and Analysis Planning Tool

Enables electric utility personnel to analyze smart grid communications networks, offering a planning tool for network utilization and performance.

IIPG Fracture:

IIPG_Fracture is a numerical tool for modeling crack propagation in brittle materials.

Image Change Detection: Identifying Changes or Anomalies in an Image

This code utilizes convolutional neural networks (CNNs) autoencoders to identify changes or anomalies in an image.

IMDSE: Simplifying Modernization Planning for Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Modernization Decision Support Engine (IMDSE)

Infrastructure eXpression: Discovery Tools

Automates the collection and conversion of network vulnerabilities into STIX format, streamlining vulnerability management and sharing.

Ingest: Streamlining Data Uploads with Integrated Metadata for Enhanced Data Management

Ingest simplifies data collection and organization by offering a web platform for seamless uploads with essential metadata, enhancing project management and data analysis efficiency.

INL Open OnDemand Applications: Expanded Functionality of Open OnDemand

This code has improved and customized the applications within the science gateway, Open OnDemand, which is used to access HPC resources.

INL-Azure-DevOps-task: Agent Tasks for Microsoft Azure DevOps

A set of Microsoft Azure DevOps agent tasks, including a notable PL-SQL task for Oracle Database Server operations.

INLDAS: Scalable Data Acquisition and Processing System

Idaho National Laboratory Data Acquisition and Processing System (INLDAS)

Irrigation Monitor: Analyzing On-Field Water Balances

This software collects irrigation data and evapotranspiration rates to analyze on-field water balances and monitor water usage.

ISOPOD: InverSe OPtimizatiOn and Design

MOOSE-based application for performing inverse optimization on multiphysics modeling and simulation.

Jester: Time Series and Tabular Data Packaging for DeepLynx

Rust-based command-line tool for easily transferring .csv data to the DeepLynx data warehouse, simplifying data integration.

kugelpy: Revolutionizing Pebble Bed Reactor Simulations with High-Fidelity Modeling

kugelpy provides an unparalleled framework for high-fidelity, time-dependent simulations of pebble bed reactors, enabling accurate modeling of reactor dynamics and fuel management.

LEAF: Landscape Environmental Assessment Framework

A framework predicting crop yields, soil, and nutrient loss, integrating models like RUSLE2 and WEPS for informed crop management decisions.

LIGGGHTS-INL: Biomass Particle Simulation and Modeling

An extension of the LIGGGHTS software, focusing on industrial applications such as biomass particle flow modeling in biofuel production.

LISA: Assess the Economic Potential of Extracting Lithium from US Geothermal Sources

A tool for evaluating the economic viability and supply chain impact of extracting Lithium from US geothermal sources in various EV scenarios.

LocationGeneralizer: Convert Location Data into Generic Location Descriptions

Converts detailed mobile device location data into generic descriptions for research without revealing personal information, particularly for electric vehicle behavior analysis.

LOGOS: Optimizing Capital Budgeting

A budget optimization software for Nuclear Power Plants, using knapsack algorithms to maximize profit and reliability while minimizing costs.

LRS/SORT: Document Capture System

A system for managing and routing documents for compliance and peer reviews in research organizations, capturing drafts, metadata, and final versions.

LSA: Linux System Administration

Collection of scripts for common administrative tasks and automation, including LDAP, Nagios, and Ansible support.

MaCaw: Tracking Particles on Unstructured Meshes and OpenMC for Collision Physics

MaCaw is a prototypical application used for transport calculations of neutral particles. It uses MOOSE for tracking particles on unstructured meshes and OpenMC for collision physics, materials, and tallying.

MAGNET Experiment Data: Dataset from the Demonstration of the Microreactor AGile Non-nuclear Experimental Testbed

This dataset was produced during the demonstration and run of the Microreactor AGile Non-nuclear Experimental Testbed (MAGNET).

Magpie: Atomistic Code Integration Software

Links atomistic simulation codes to MOOSE applications, featuring modules for particle motion and ion transport.

MALAMUTE: Simulation Code for Advanced Manufacturing Processes

MOOSE Application Library for Advanced Manufacturing UTilitiEs (MALAMUTE)

Malcolm: Network Traffic Analysis

Network traffic analysis suite offering easy upload, powerful traffic analysis, and streamlined deployment for security operations.

MARMOT: Mesoscale Fuel Performance Code

Predicts the evolution of fuel and cladding microstructures under stress, temperature, and irradiation, providing data for larger-scale engineering applications.

MaSDE: Real-Time Dynamic Estimation for a Resilient Power Grid

Master State Distributed Estimator (MaSDE)

MASFIC: Streamlined Contingency Analysis for Power Utilities

MASFIC (MASTERRI Automated SAPHIRE File Intermediary Converter) is a powerful software application designed to streamline contingency analysis and risk assessment in power grids.

MaSTI: Network Monitoring for Enhanced Control System Protection

Master State Threat Identifier (MaSTI)

Mastodon: Seismic Analysis and Risk Assessment Tool

A probabilistic tool for seismic risk assessment, simulating wave propagation and analyzing risk over time for various soil structures.

MIRACLE: Machine Learning for Screening Nuclear Plant Conditions

Machine Intelligence for Review and Analysis of Condition Logs and Entries (MIRACLE)


MontePy is a Python interface designed to efficiently handle MCNP® input files.

MOOSE Framework Electromagnetics (EM) Module

A module for solving Maxwell's equations in multi-dimensional scenarios, supporting a range of boundary and interface conditions, and simulating electric and magnetic fields.

MOOSE: Multiphysics Simulation Environment

A finite-element framework for nonlinear solver technology, supporting various applications like nuclear fuel and reactor multiphysics.

MorphoHawk: Real-TIme Image Analysis & Processing

Advanced image analysis software platform, efficient in processing and interpreting complex images and videos from diverse sources

MPHEAP: Materials Project High Entropy Alloy Properties

Adds a module to the Materials Project for predicting properties of nuclear materials.

Multiplayer Engineering: Real-time 3D Collaboration Software

A Unity-based software framework enabling real-time collaboration in virtual environments, allowing engineers to interact with and modify engineering models simultaneously, ideal for digital twin development.

MyTRIM: Pioneering Ion Transport Simulations in Materials

Open-Source software providing three-dimensional binary collision Monte Carlo simulations for ion transport in materials

NaPHthA: Quantifying Physical Health of Distribution Systems

Novel Physical Health Assessment (NaPHthA)

NAVV Tool: Network Architecture Verification & Validation Tool

Automates network traffic analysis using Zeek IDS logs, generating an Excel summary for easy data sorting and analysis.

NCRC-Client: Nuclear Comp Resource Center Client

Enhances security for downloading NCRC controlled codes through Conda with two-factor authentication.

NitroFlow: Dynamic Nitrogen Properties Simulation Tool

A library of numerous properties of nitrogen that uses the interfaces defined in MOOSE's fluid properties module

NPD HYDRO: Streamlining Hydropower Development with Strategic Site Prioritization

NPD HYDRO empowers stakeholders with a unique tool for the prioritization and national-level screening of Non-Powered Dam (NPD) sites for hydropower development, based on customizable criteria reflecting grid, community, industry, and environmental benefits.

NRIC Digital Engineering Ecosystem

Software suite improving the engineering lifecycle flow in complex projects by integrating data across multiple tools.

NSUF_FIB_TOMO: Collect and Process Data for Ion Beam Tomography of Nuclear Structural Materials

Creating a workflow to collect and process data for focused ion beam tomography of nuclear structural materials.

OMDD: Last-Mile Delivery Optimization with Drone Deployment

Optimization Models for Drone Deployment (OMDD)

OpDefender: Real-Time Network Traffic Analysis

A cybersecurity solution for control system networks, featuring smart switches and a network HMI for real-time attack prevention and network traffic control.

OPENS: Digital Conversion for Nuclear Plant Procedures

Operating Procedure Extender for Novel Systems

P6 DeepLynx Adapter: Transfer Scheduling Data from Oracle P6 to DeepLynx

The purpose of this software is to transfer scheduling data from Oracle Primavera P6 to the DeepLynx data warehouse.

PacketSight: Mitigating Unusual Network Packets

This software identifies, examines, and mitigates unusual network packets using a multi-dimensional latent space representation.

PARFUME: Gas-Cooled Reactor Fuel Performance Assessment

PARticle FUel ModEl (PARFUME)

Parsnip Parser Creation Application:

Parsnip aims to automate 90% of the repetitive tasks involved in parser development

Plastic Recycling emISsions and Economics (PRisE) Model

This model generates simulation data on the economics and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of potential rFlex products.

Polyglot Framework: Cross-Platform Tool Development

Polyglot is a framework that simplifies the process of creating or modifying tools for a wide range of devices and operating systems. It is especially useful for embedded, esoteric, or old targets that lack easy and consistent solutions.

PowDDeR v2: Power Distribution Designing for Resilience Application

Updated software tool for power distribution design, analyzing system resilience to disturbances in real and reactive power.

PowDDeR: Power Distribution Designing for Resilience Application

Measures power system resilience by analyzing responses to disturbances, such as natural or human-caused ones

PRISM: Progressive Resolution for Imaging & Storage Management

Open-source tool for rendering large scale simulated and tomographic volume datasets on commodity hardware.

Pronghorn: Advanced Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics Code

Specializes in modeling gas-cooled reactors, filling the gap between detailed CFD and lumped system models.

PyEmission: Python Library for Vehicular Emission Estimation

Python library for estimating vehicular emissions and fuel consumption for a range of light duty vehicles.

PySL: Neutron Spectrometric Data Post-Processing and Unfolding

Python software for processing neutron spectrometric measurements, offering a user-friendly interface and multiple unfolding algorithms for researchers.

RACCOON: Interactive Reactor Physics Learning

Reactor Application for Coaching Newbies (RACCOON)

Radiological Safety Analysis Computer (RSAC) Program

RSAC is a tool used to calculate the effects of releasing radionuclides into the atmosphere.

Rancor Microworld: Multi-Unit Operations and Fault Simulation

Simulation Environment for Nuclear Process Control (Rancor Microworld)

RAVEN: Risk Analysis Virtual Environment

A versatile framework for risk analysis, uncertainty quantification, and system optimization, capable of identifying failure-prone regions in complex systems.

ReGEAR: AR Gesture Recognition for Nuclear Facilities

Real-time gesture/action recognition software

RELAP-7: Next-Generation Nuclear Safety Code

An advanced tool for nuclear systems safety analysis, featuring improved models and numerical methods for Risk Informed Safety Margin Characterization.

RELAP5-3D 4.x: Thermal-Hydraulic Nuclear Reactor Analysis

The latest in the RELAP5 series, offering integrated multi-dimensional modeling for transient and accident analysis in nuclear reactors.

ROR Hydro Governor: Real-Time Simulation & Analysis for Low-Head Hydropower Units

Bulb-Style Kaplan Turbine Run-of-the-River (ROR) Hydro Governor and Turbine Model

ROUNDS: QR-Based Autonomous Drone Navigation for Monitoring

Route-Operable Unmanned Navigation of Drones (ROUNDS)

RTD Analysis: Tracer-Based Geothermal Reservoir Monitoring

Analysis of Thermally Reactive Tracer Tests in Geothermal Reservoirs (RTD Analysis)

Saleae Logic 2 Output File Parser (SLOP)

A Python script that transforms complex Saleae Logic 2 data into accessible data sets, filling an unmet need for engineers, researchers, and hobbyists.

SAND: Data Management for Optimized Organization and Analysis

Systematic Analyzer of Numeric Data


Simulated control and cybersecurity testing tool for microgrid implementations, providing realistic response analysis.

SEABORG_FIB_TOMO: Validating the Accuracy of 3D Corrosion Modeling at the Mesoscale

The dataset offers a new way to study corrosion by combining elemental and microstructural data from a corroded alloy in a three-dimensional volume

SEIDR: Digital Procedures for Efficiency and Safety in Nuclear Power

SEIDR: Computer-Based Procedure System for Field Workers

Simplified AI Chat Interface for Web Integration

Enhance your website with a customizable, front-end-only AI chat interface, requiring no backend or cloud services, for real-time user engagement.

Sockeye: Heat Pipe Simulator

A MOOSE-based tool for predicting heat transfer in heat-pipe-cooled microreactors, focusing on transient conditions and operational limits.

SPEMMCRA: Control Strategy Testing for Microgrid Implementations

Simulated control and cybersecurity testing tool for microgrid implementations, providing realistic response analysis.

SPRITE (Smart Preprocessing & Robust Integration Emulator)

An open-source suite of analytical and data-driven models that predict the performance of renewable carbon feedstock preprocessing units and system integration.

SR2ML: Safety Risk Reliability Model Library

A safety and reliability software package for system risk analysis, integrated with INL's RAVEN code.

STAR: Structured Threat Automated Response

Automates response actions for cybersecurity threats by executing STIX Course of Action objects in Python.

STEM: Biomass Feedstock Logistics and Cost Optimization Tool

Stochastic Techno Economic Model (STEM)

STIG: Graph-Based Threat Intelligence and Response System

Structured Threat Intelligence Graph (STIG)

STIXEnforcer: Advanced STIX 2.1 Data Enrichment and Error Correction Tool

Structured Threat Information Expression Style Enforcer

STM: MOOSE-Based Scalar Field Transport Modeling

A module for simulating scalar field transport, applicable in scenarios like molten salt reactors and plasma physics, integrating with other MOOSE modules.

STOAT: Automated Scoring Tool for Software Weaknesses

Scoring Threat Object Analysis Tool (STOAT)

Storm DEPART: Damage Prediction and Resource Optimization for Utilities

A planning tool for predicting damage to infrastructure from storms, optimizing recovery operations for utilities with detailed damage and resource allocation models.

STOTS: Network Threat Analysis and Visualization Suite

Structured Threat Observation Tool Set (STOTS)

SubSurface Explorer: Interactive Web-Based Geologic Cross-Section Profiling

Interactive Web Mapping Tools and Custom Subsurface Cross-Sections for Interdisciplinary Geologic Investigation

TAPas: TAP Reactor Data Analysis

Temporal Analysis of Product computational methods (TAPas)

tapsap: Temporal Analysis of Products Research

Temporal Analysis of Products Statistical Analysis Processing (tapsap)

TAPsolver: Python Package for Automated TAP Simulation and Analysis

Simulation and Analysis of TAP Reactor Experiments (TAPsolver)

TEAL: Financial Metrics Plugin for the RAVEN Framework

Tool for Economic AnaLysis (TEAL)

TERMS SPM: Scalable Predictive Analytics for Nuclear Plant Assets

Scalable Predictive and Risk Technologies (TERMS_SPM)

TERMS: Custom Predictive Analytics for Maintenance Optimization

Risk-informed Predictive Analytics (TERMS)

THM: Versatile Single-Phase Flow Simulations

Thermal Hydraulics Module (THM)

TIPS: Enhancing Human-Machine Collaboration in Next-Gen Power Plants

Task Information Presentation System (TIPS)

TMAP8: Simplifying Scalar Transport Modeling for Fusion, Plasma, and Chemical Analysis

Tritium Migration Analysis Program (TMAP8)

TREAD: Transmission Line Planning with Geospatial Analysis

Transmission Route Engineering Analysis and Design (TREAD)

Triply-Periodic Minimal Surface Geometry Builder

The TPMS Builder is a sophisticated software solution specifically designed for the construction, visualization, and numerical analysis of Triply-Periodic Minimal Surface (TPMS) Lattices.

TROPFE: Next-gen MATPOWER Training Data Tool

TROPFE is a sophisticated training data software developed to interface with MATPOWER OPF solver tools for efficient machine learning.

VDEA: Unified, Scalable Approach to File Format Conversion and Collaboration

Vulcan Digital Engineering Application (VDEA)

Vendor 0: FPE Library for Structured File Encryption

Encryption library for structured files like JSON, addressing the need for secure data handling in sensitive utility information management.

Vessel Routing and Suitability Tool

The VRST is a desktop application that helps emergency management personnel plan and respond to maritime emergencies

VizEng: Visualization for Control Room Collaboration & Grid Stability

Data presentation and display system for information generated by a plant information management system

WADeG: Advanced Remote Surveillance through Smartphone Image Capture

WADeG: Wide Area Detection Grid

WEST: Assessing Water Resource Management

Water-Energy Simulation Toolset (WEST)

WiFIRE: Real-Time Wireless Signal Processing

A real-time signal classification and processing system for wireless environment monitoring, suitable for IoT, autonomous vehicles, and software-defined radios.

WiiBin: Machine Learning Binary Analysis for Reverse Engineering

What Is It Binary (WiiBin)

WOODCOM: Modeling Biomass Supply and Demand Interactions

Woody Biomass Companion Markets Model (WOODCOM)

XFEMClipPartialElements: Discontinuity Visualization for MOOSE-Based Simulations